These workbooks are for researchers who are interested in learning more about science communication. SciComm for Researchers is for all researchers who want to share their research with new audiences, whereas From Science to SciComm is aimed mainly at PhD students and postdocs who are planning to transition from research to a career in science communication.

From Science to SciComm

From Science to SciComm has been available since 2018 (with a second edition published in 2020) and has been downloaded by hundreds of researchers around the world.

SciComm for Researchers was first published in January 2020. Select topics from this workbook are also available as workshops, either taught in person at your department or conference, or presented via video link. Please enquire for more information, pricing and availabilty. Custom workshops available on demand.

About the author

Eva Amsen is a freelance science write and communicator, and the founder of Share Your Sci. She has over ten years experience in training scientists in various aspects of science communication. On behalf of former employers or clients Eva has given talks and workshops at the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Kings College London and other institutes. Some previous workshops and projects are listed here. Eva’s articles covering science news or profiling researchers have been published in Nature, PNAS,, The Scientist, Undark, Nautilus, Hakai, BOLD blog, Technology Networks and other places.