Science Songs

Science educators and science communicators use a wide variety of media to share science with their audience, including music. Writing songs about science can help get students more engaged with the topics they’re studying, but even listening to or learning songs that other science communicators have written is an entertaining way to introduce a new topic

This coffee break, listen to some science songs

There are several websites where you can find words, music, audio and video for songs on all kinds of science-related topics. Some are aimed at learners of particular levels or age groups, others are amusing songs created by scientists as an outlet to share what they’re working on.

Have a look at some of these resources to get a sense of the kind of science songs that other people have created and performed.

What have you learned?

There are science songs for a wide range of very specific topics. Many are “parody songs”, using a familiar melody but changing the words to reflect a STEM subject. Some are created by students, others by educators, researchers or science communicators.

You can often get access to the music and materials needed to incorporate these songs in your own science communication activities. If you’re looking to write your own song about your own research, some of the resources below may also be helpful. 

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Image credit: colour-altered image of an original by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash