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Types of resources

We publish two types of resources:

  • Learning resource: Courses, training and references material to help scientists further develop their science communication skills. Any training courses in this list should be very short, and only take a matter of days at most. The goal is for researchers to use this resource to find ways to expand their knowledge of science communication, not get a degree in it.
  • Ways to get actively involved with science communication: These should allow scientists to volunteer themselves as speakers or writers, even if they have no previous science communication experience. This list includes series of pub talks, festivals, or online opportunities for engagement. Anything in this list can help researchers reach their intended audience.

You must choose one of these when you submit your link. If the same organisation offers both training and practical opportunities, you can submit it twice (once to each category), linking to the most relevant pages on their websites.


All resources must be available to a large group of scientists. (No university-specific resources. City-specific resources might be okay, if it’s a major city and the activity is open to scientists from the surrounding areas.)

Your connection to the resource

In your submission, please explain how you found out about this resource. Did you take part as a scientist, or are you involved with organising this activity or resource? This information will not be published, but helps us understand the context of your submission.

Please do not submit personal contact details in the form, and see our privacy policy.

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