Science communication can be a lonely endeavour. You might be a researcher in a group where nobody else is working on science communication projects. Or you’re working on your own, as a freelancer, trying to motivate yourself to tackle that science communication project. What really seems to help some people is to work in the presence of other people who are also working: Coworking!

Online Coworking Sessions

We run regular (monthly or more) online coworking sessions for people working on anything related to science communication. These sessions happen on the Discord server which you can join at any time. Once there, you’ll be able to find when the next coworking session is, or join the ongoing chat threads to talk about science communication.

To find out more about online coworking, or to run your own session, see this article.

One of the Discord coworking sessions in 2021

In person coworking sessions

In the past we’ve also had in-person coworking sessions in London. When these return, you’re likely to find out about it on the SciComm Coworking Discord server as well.

online coworking instead of in a cafe
London SciComm Coworking session, 2019

Setting up your own coworking sessions

If you want to arrange a similar event in your own community, here’s a checklist to get started:

Online coworking sessions:

  • Choose a video or audio platform that is accessible for everyone you want to invite. (Things to look for: Is it free? Is there a limit on the time or number of users?)
  • Pick a date and time
  • Invite your guests, or announce your coworking event.
  • Start the coworking session with a round of introductions and let everyone set accountability goals by sharing what they plan to work on during the session.
  • During work sprints, make sure everyone has their audio muted. Videos can stay on if bandwidth allows, so that you can see each other work. It’s motivating!
  • Have regular check-in moments (every hour or so, or more often for shorter sessions) where people chat with each other.
  • Have fun and be productive!

In-person coworking sessions:

  • Find a venue that can host your group, ideally with wifi, tables, coffee – but not too loud. Check for other factors, such as accessibility and the venue’s attitude to having people work there.
  • Pick a date, and make sure there is availability at the venue. (Maybe make a tentative reservation to hold the spot, if it’s popular.)
  • Invite people! Post to local mailing lists, social media, etc.
  • Once you have a sense of approximately how many people will be there, secure your reservation.
  • On the day: You’ll mostly be working quietly, but hold each other accountable by doing a round of quick introductions to share what you’re working on, and another round at the end to ask about the progress everyone made.
  • Have fun, and be productive!