Category «Coffee break»

Have a coffee and do one of these activities to expand your science sharing skillset.

Elevator pitch

elevator pitch

This coffee break, prepare an elevator pitch so that you can talk about your research project in many different and unexpected situations.

Science videos

science videos can be filmed on your phone, or using any digital camera with video capacity

This coffee break, look at a few science videos to get an idea of the different ways you can use this medium to share science.

Science Songs


This coffee break, explore the vast collection of educational science songs – or research how to write your own.

Reverse image search

Reverse image search

This coffee break, learn how to do a reverse image search to find the source of all the images you’ve been using online and in slides.


Zooniverse Coffee Break

To get a sense of how quickly citizen scientists can get started analysing research data, choose one of the open projects on Zooniverse, and join in.