Elevator pitch

elevator pitch

This coffee break, prepare an elevator pitch so that you can talk about your research project in many different and unexpected situations.



Impact is the contribution that your work offers beyond academia. By being clear about the impact of your work, you can help funders and institutes understand why your work is relevant to society.

Online Coworking

online coworking instead of in a cafe

Share Your Sci hosts coworking sessions for science communicators, and recently moved those online. Here’s what we learned about online coworking.

Online Science Communication

online science communication

It’s not always possible to visit people in person to talk about science. Luckily, there are ways to use the internet for science communication. By hosting live conversations with people online, you can reach audiences that aren’t necessarily nearby.

Media interviews

media interviews

What do you do if a journalist asks you for an interview? Here are some tips for researchers to prepare for media interviews.